• Ethniki insurance
  • Ethniki insurance

    Ethniki insurance is a leader in the insurance market both in the Life sector and General disciplines.

    With 124 year history has made its name synonymous with real guarantee and absolute solvency, while continuing to grow rapidly and in parallel improves its infrastructures in order to provide quality services to the Greek consumer.
    The G.Foufopoulou Inspection involves the eternal values :
    • Reliability
    • Ethos
    • Experience
    • Security
    • Respect

    The vision of the Inspectorate are:
    • To offer quality services to policyholders through modern products and processes
    • To grow at rates higher than those in the market to consolidate its leading position and expand market share
    • To work for dependability , social responsibility and the moral.

    The Inspectorate George Foufopoulos created in 1998.Eiche preceded the emergence of four consecutive years in the first Director of the National Asfalistikis.Simera the first inspection of the National Insurance Company has six sales offices with five directors , eight Assistant eighteen Coordinators and more than two hundred Asfalistkous Advisors.

    Since 2004 the Gioorgos Foufopoulos is the No.1 Inspector company . Total income reaches € 41,000,000 while the total number of customers to 60,000.

    The history of 20 years of presence and consistent course of Foufopoulos Inspection , in direct and absolute reference to the perennial consistent life of Ethniki Insurance , is the primary reason that allows all Greek citizens to trust them to ensure the quality of life of through a long life policy, a proper car insurance or home , a hospital program and any other insurance needs.

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