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    14 April 2016

    This event aims to acquaint us with all the new trends in Human Resource Management and show us how HR professionals deliver business value through nine competencies and how those competencies impact performance.

    Μain themes:

    • Τhe results of the 7th round of the HR competency study (HRCS) sponsored by the Ross School at the University of Michigan and The RBL Group.
    • The latest Human Resources findings related to:
      • How do individual HR Professionals deliver value
      • How do HR departments drive value
      • What does “Paradox Navigator” mean
      • What shapes the agenda of an effective talented HR department
      • How we can create jobs for Youth
      • How we can redesign HR for the Innovation Age and create the landscape of the Future
      • How we can strength the link between Human Resources and Employee Volunteerism

    Conference attendance ideal for:
    Directors of specialty functions within HR, HR Managers responsible for the design and implementation of HR Strategies, HR Generalists, HR Consultants

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