• President Note
  • GPMA's President Note

    Dear friends,

    Welcome to our annual Forum!

    The Business landscape has changed drastically in the last 10 years… and the future of work is only going to get more complex.

    With emerging trends, such as an evolving multi generations workforce, big data/analytics and need for Leaders, People Management will be one of the top challenges Business Leaders will face.

    Even though the HR profession is noted for a sector of constant change the field is currently up against shifts as never before, driven primarily by breakthroughs in science and technology, global and demographic shifts.

    Technology is having a profound effect on individuals, organizations and the world at large. It is fundamentally changing the way that work is structured and executed.

    Innovation creates interesting and fun work and cultivates competition.

    Jobs are no longer bound to space or time; therefore, allowing increased personal flexibility and an assumed 24/7 availability.

    And HR’s role?

    What makes this new HR identity so creative is that we will move away from what has historically made us unique -HR practices- and will adopt a role that relies more on developing three key elements:

    Talent, Data and Strategy.

    The challenges we will encounter in the future will be both simple and complex. The simple is difficult and requires courage:

    HR must remain the ethical voice in all environments.

    The complex is not so difficult: we need to face up to the challenge of hiring the best, developing, motivating and engaging our employees in a faster-paced world so that business and personal goals are achieved.

    At this year’s Conference our aim is to provide you with more insights about the trends that will re-define the labor market and the new HR competencies we must adopt to be aligned.

    Join us to see our profession from a different perspective and find the actions that create Value for the business.

    Thank you for your participation and support.

    Martha Mylona - Economacou

    President GPMA

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