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  • Job-Pairs (www.job-pairs.gr)

    Job-Pairs (www.job-pairs.gr) was designed to help university graduates to successfully (re-)enter the labor market. How do we accomplish that? We "connect" those individuals (mentees) with professionals (mentors) working in the industry where the mentee wants to be employed.

    The Mentor possessing the necessary working experience agrees to participate in 4 meetings with the Mentee, in order to “transfer” their experience and offer guidance that will allow the mentee to successfully (re-)enter the job market.

    Job-Pairs is a voluntary initiative, without any cost for anyone involved. Until today more than 330 mentors and 796050 mentees have applied to our program, while more than 283 pairs have completed their meetings and more than 190 pairs are now attending their meetings, with the support of 25 corporations.

    Job-Pairs is supported by the GPMA.

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