• RBL Group

    The RBL Group was founded in 2000 with the intention of bringing a greater focus on results to the field of leadership development. RBL’s concept of leadership brand—then and now—argues for an integration of results and competencies: the best leaders build competencies so that they can deliver results.

    One key area of sustainable value, is in assisting organizations to develop a more strategic Human Resource function.

    Any good HR professional wants to be better. This begins with a desire to improve, followed by a clear understanding what it requires to improve. Since 1987, RBL Group has chronicled what it means to be an effective HR professional.

    For almost 30 years the Human Resource Competency Study (HRCS) has empirically defined the competencies of HR professionals and how those competencies impact performance. The HRCS is the largest global study on HR with over 60,000 ratings and is one of the most referenced HR studies in the world. HRCS has helped define and shape the role of HR as a strategic contributor in business operations, answering the question, "What knowledge and abilities are necessary for successful HR professionals?"

    The latest round of data collection, Round 7, was just completed in September and results announced at the University of Michigan in October. In this round we collected over 30,000 worldwide surveys rating the competencies and performance of more than 4,000 HR professionals from more than 1,500 organization units. The results simultaneously build upon insights from prior rounds and generate new insights for HR. Sponsored by the Ross School at the University of Michigan and The RBL Group along with 22 regional partners around the world, HRCS 2015 is directed by Dave Kryscynski and Mike Ulrich, with Dave Ulrich and Wayne Brockbank acting as project principals.

    This is by far the largest and broadest data set of any round of the HR Competency Study since it began in 1987.

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