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    Linkage works with leaders and leadership teams worldwide to build organizations that produce superior results. For over 25 years, we have delivered by strategically aligning leadership, talent, and culture within organizations globally. We do this by providing strategic consulting on leadership development and talent management topics and through our learning institutes, skill-building workshops, tailored assessment services, and executive coaching.

    At Linkage, we inspire people, generate ideas, and provide practical approaches that make positive change a real part of day-to-day business. No company can link together more ideas in more ways to help your remarkably unique people improve.


    Linkage provides solutions that prepare your company for what’s next … or even what’s right now. We customize our approaches, processes, and tools for you and only you. We help you develop leaders within the context of your strategy and culture, and at the same time, we provide strategic change solutions. Our solutions are formed at the crossroads where leadership, strategy, and culture meet. Linkage understands that this is where the greatest learning occurs for individuals and organizations and where companies reap the greatest return on investment. Our consultants work with you and provide results-driven solutions that make a difference. Our solutions are:
    • Centered on customized approaches that meet specific client needs and challenges
    • Built on innovative learning processes so that leaders learn how to lead-and how to lead change
    • Infused with practical tools that are easy to access and use on a daily basis
    • Provide direct and cost-effective access to our intellectual property and tools through certification and licensing options
    • Designed for integrated impact that involves all levels (individual, team and organizational)
    • Grounded in multi-channel research from Linkage-and from the many leading-edge business thinkers connected to Linkage


    Linkage Training offers many action-oriented learning sessions developed from the latest research in the fields of OD, HR, leadership development and management.


    Linkage's assessments have helped thousands of organizations around the world accelerate business results. They are the start of a journey of insight and discovery for greater impact at the individual, team, and organizational levels:
    • 360-Degree Solutions
    • Leadership Assessments
    • Team Effectiveness Assessments
    • Employee Engagement Surveys
    • Personality Tools

    Expect our feedback reports to encourage positive self-assessment as well as behavioral, motivational, and transformational change. Our seasoned business consultants will coach your leaders to review their results, understand their business implications, and develop actionable plans.

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